What to do in Paris?

Mood in Paris can be different. Snooty – when the city rises against the next reforms. Melancholic – when everything is gray and rainy. Excited – during a sports, fashion or any other festival. Much depends on what area or street you choose a hotel or apartment. So that you can see the different faces of the same city, we have prepared a list of mandatory cases in Paris.

Erotic massage

Not everyone knows that in Paris you can go for a wonderful relaxing erotic massage. Erotic adventures anticipate a lot of various programs that will certainly suit you, i.e. everyone will be able to choose for themselves what they certainly want from the upcoming relaxing treatments. The advantages of adult massage paris can be enumerated indefinitely, the most important thing is that visitors who have applied for a good rest, feel at the highest point of the emotional lift that compels them to conquer all new and new heights.

Find the best baguette in Paris

Baguette – something inevitable in the life of any person who was in Paris. Locals go out for their baguette once they wake up, in slippers and with a newspaper under their arm. True, this does not mean at all that they also have breakfast for them – it is about the tradition to go for a fresh baguette early in the morning. There is a special competition in the city, within the framework of which an award is awarded annually to the best baguettes, and most often a sticker at the entrance hints at this. Our advice is to take a grayish tradicion, and for nothing – sparkling white, so you eat it at home. The more holes in the baguette, the more correct it is. And the main thing is the stupefying smell. According to my personal statistics, not a single person conveys his baguette to the house untidy. Delicious baguettes – on Rue Reamur at Ernest & Valentin bakery. Choose by smell coming from the open door. So you will not lose.

View the city from a height

Paris is amazing bird’s-eye view. Locals have long chosen a lot of points, where the best views are opened. One of the best observation decks is in the Belleville park. There are not so many tourists here, so you can enjoy both views and solitude. A good view of the city opens from the roof of the Institute of the Arab World.

Spend the evening at the Seine

The River Seine is the main artery of the city. The soul of Paris is hidden in the Seine: here both local and tourists gather, especially in the evenings. Do not fall behind you: for the evening warm, buy a bottle of wine, baguette and camembert and sit down by the river. If you are alone – it is likely that someone will join you to talk. Do not be afraid to talk to a passerby or a neighbor – you can often get interesting conversations. If it’s chilly you can walk. 

Go to the museum instead of dinner

The best time to visit two main museums of the city – the Louvre and Orsay – is in the evening. In the afternoon there are crowds eager to see the “Mona Lisa” and the Impressionists. Louvre should be visited on Wednesday or Friday, Orsay – on Tuesday or Thursday. Look into the eyes of “Mona Lisa”, and crowds around it usually interferes. Heading towards the great da Vinci canvas, do not forget to stop at his “Madonna in the Rocks”, which is often not noticed at all.

Running in the mornings

You can run in Paris on all embankments, in all parks and gardens. Parisians run past sculptures in the Tuileries, jump from stone to stone on the bridge along the Seine, circling around the Luxembourg Gardens. Join them, it helps to negotiate with the conscience on the next croissant or baguette. And in general, have you ever set a goal to reach the Eiffel Tower in the morning or, for example, run through the Louvre? Try to do so, that is the best way to make new habit.