Top Maps for CS:GO from the Workshop

The Steam Workshop allows everyone to create their own location in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive world. It’s been used by CS:GO fans for years – some maps are gaining popularity among players and are sometimes ahead of even the official modes.

Today we’ll tell you about the most popular maps from the Steam Wizard that can open CS:GO from a new side and bring you and your friends a lot of fun. For this purpose, you can also buy case csgo on specialized sites, which will help you bring some variety to the game. Modern cases and skins will help you improve the gameplay and get more fun out of the game.

Dust II Night

Popular projects that modify existing locations a bit. For example, this one is the most popular map in the Workshop. Night allows you to look at Dust II from a new angle, while at the same time players don’t have to learn from scratch about pro shots and tactics for defense/attack. Other variations of the official maps can be found in the Workshop if you wish – mostly either night or winter. However, there are also more original works, such as Dust II location in the style of Minecraft.

de_nuke 1.6

No less popular are projects that allow you to be transported back many years to the old CS 1.6 (or other versions). The most interesting players consider de_nuke version, in which many spent all their free time in computer clubs. In the top in terms of popularity is also cs_assault. In the Workshop you can also find almost any of the old locations, and not only from CS 1.6, but also from older versions. 


Moving on to the locations created from scratch. The Chernobyl setting has always been interesting to gamers, so the well-designed themed map, which was released back in 2014, quickly became popular among players. Recently, activity has dropped off a bit, but Pripyat is still very cool.


And this location will take you to a small village in Norway. Users note the good textures and detail work, as well as the interesting side balance. Marine was released in early 2020 and has been steadily improving since then, but has already managed to attract tens of thousands of players.


Another relatively new map (released in mid-2019) that looks interesting and pleases with a variety of strategies – the Village is not one of those locations that can get bored after a couple of games. 


A popular location that’s been at the top for a few years now. For some people, Sanchez reminds Team Fortress in style – the same dynamic and vivid. In this map, the key to victory will be a good aim, but the tactics goes into the background. But it’s very fun and fast.


If you like the variety of positions and tactical tricks, we recommend you to play with your friends on this map. Spaces to shoot at a distance and narrow corridors, where almost every pixel can play a role when choosing a position. You can develop an understanding of Breach and game thinking in general here for a very long time.

It’s worth remembering that there are over two thousand different locations available in the Workshop – in any style and for every CS:GO mode. We hope you’ll be able to appreciate the work of the modelers. And you can start with simple and popular solutions, which we told you about above. You can also visit and find a lot of additional products there. Such sites will help you to immerse yourself in the gaming process and get more pleasant emotions from it. So try to explore this area and take the gameplay as responsibly as possible. After all, if you buy new skins for your weapons, then the game itself may end up being more exciting and enjoyable for your eyes.