Permanent eyebrow tattoo: effective and long-lasting

Modern women live at a frantic pace. The pace of life requires you to keep up with everything and everywhere, and willy-nilly you have to adapt. Being successful and beautiful is the norm for modern ladies. Unfortunately, beauty requires sacrifice, and you often have to sacrifice either sleep or breakfast to look great. Fortunately, modern cosmetology is ready to offer options that make it easy to save time on daily makeup.

Permanent eyebrow microblading on blondes is especially popular with the fair sex. With its help, you can correct their shape, make the shade saturated, and most importantly – get rid of the need to paint for a long time. How it did and how long such a tattoo lasts are the questions that this article is devoted to.

Purposes of permanent eyebrow tattooing

The essence of tattooing consists of introducing colouring pigment under the upper layers of the skin to transform eyebrows. The colour and brightness of the dye, the length and curvature of the lines are selected individually, taking into account the specific initial data and the desired result.

Many people wonder what is better – tattoo or permanent eyebrow makeup. The fact is that an alternative name for eyebrow tattooing is permanent makeup, and most often, it did too:

Correction of the natural shape of the eyebrows. If a woman does not like the bend, length and thickness of the brow ridges that nature has endowed her with, tattooing comes to the rescue. The wizard will help you choose a shape that will harmoniously fit your features and combined with the oval of your face.

Thickening eyebrows. Fashion trends are changing, and if before everyone plucked their eyebrows too thin strings, today, natural eyebrows of moderate density are in the direction. Unfortunately, in some women, after prolonged and systematic plucking of “extra” hairs, they permanently stop growing in some areas. You can restore the thickness of the eyebrows, make them beautiful and natural with the help of permanent tattooing.

Colour changes. Most girls with naturally light eyebrows regularly tint the hairs or space between them with a pencil, henna or paint. Having made a permanent eyebrow tattoo, you can forget about the need to update the colour because, after the procedure, the shade will retain its brightness for several years.

Saving time. Owners of permanent eyebrow tattooing do not need to spend time every day to give shape or brightness. You can sleep longer or do other, more exciting things.

You can inform the master about your problem at the consultation stage. A permanent eyebrow tattoo specialist will advise you on possible options for its solution and help you choose the optimal shape and colour parameters.

Varieties of permanent eyebrow tattoo

Depending on the method of injecting the pigment under the skin, the following types of permanent eyebrow tattoos are distinguished:

Hardware – performed using a device equipped with a built-in needle and powered by an electric motor.

Manual did use a special handle-maniple, into which one needle inserted or several at once. The hands of a master perform all actions for manual tattooing.

Varieties of permanent eyebrow tattoo

Today, both methods are relevant, but it should say that fewer and fewer artisans use the manual mode in their work.

We propose to delve a little deeper into the study of methods for applying permanent eyebrow tattooing and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

1. Hardware method for performing permanent makeup.



Motor vibration may cause the strokes to be uneven. For experienced professionals, this nuance is not a problem. It all depends on the skill level of the master.

2. Manual method.


Complete control over stroking due to the absence of vibration.


Working with a manipulator pen implies pigment through micro-incisions, after which scars appear on the skin.

Immediately after the procedure, the eyebrows appear perfectly straight, but this result cannot be considered final. After the skin has healed and “straightened out” a little, the initial strokes may become distorted.

Varieties of permanent eyebrow tattoo

Some sources emphasize the fundamental difference between tattooing and permanent makeup, but this division can hardly be considered correct. Experts classify the types of permanent only depending on the method of injecting the pigment (maniple or apparatus). Therefore, all other grounds can be safely considered an invention of authors, artisans, or a marketing ploy.

The most popular misclassification is the following division:

  1. shadow shading;
  2. watercolour tattoo;
  3. spraying as a type of permanent eyebrow tattoo;
  4. pixel;
  5. hair permanent eyebrow tattoo.