Online Poker Rules – Guide for Beginners

The rules of poker in casino online are completely analogous to those that operate at ordinary tables in real casinos. This allows, when moving to network establishments, to use all the usual tactics and strategies. The main differences are only in video poker, where the distribution and formation of combinations, as well as the calculation of payments for them, are performed using other algorithms, since the player is only one. Next, we will tell you the rules for beginners, having learned that, you can join one of the most famous types of card game.

General Rules for All Kinds of Poker Online

The most important are the combinations in poker, because the win in the current game depends on them. Therefore, it is important to remember their strength and probability of formation, depending on the current maps on the table. So most often there are twos, triples, three pairs. Where less often you can see flash, straight and other senior combinations that can beat almost any card.

Studying the rules of poker for beginners, it is important to consider how the dealer chip moves on the table. With a large number of players, you can fold for a long time without spending your bank if you see weak cards on your hands. As the dealer moves clockwise, you will first have to pay the big and then the small blind. It is in this position that most of the cards are played, since you already incur costs and participate in the game.

Most often in tournaments one important rule is added – gradually growing ante. This is the sum of chips contributed by all players at the beginning of the next round, partially forming the bank of the upcoming draw.

Poker Rules – Texas Hold’em

The rules of Texas Hold’em are very easy to learn:

  • first pre-flop cards are dealt, which only the player sees;
  • then comes the round of trading, during which you can raise rates, support them or pass;
  • then the flop is dealt – three cards in the open and trading;
  • then the turn is dealt with subsequent trading;
  • and the river with the final trade.

According to the results of the cards, combinations are collected on the table and the hands of the players. All winnings are taken by the one from whom she is stronger.

This is one of the simplest, and therefore common types of poker.

Poker Rules – Omaha

The rules of Omaha Poker are somewhat different, and this variation is considered to be more complex by many players. The main differences relate to the fact that preflop consists of four cards, the subsequent hands pass the same way as in the Texas version, and the formation of a winning combination does not change – you need to use two cards from the hand and three cards lying in the open.

The most difficult is the high-low version, which is especially popular, where two players take the pot each round. Since the prize is given for the strongest and weakest combination.

Basic Combinations For Beginners

Before starting the game, it is important to know all the basic combinations in poker, since it is from them and the knowledge of the strategy that your chance to beat the opponent depends. So most often formed:

  • pairs consisting of two identical cards;
  • two pairs;
  • threes or a set of three identical cards.

Where less common:

  • Five consecutive straight;
  • Flash of five cards of the same suit;
  • full house of three and two identical cards;
  • four of a kind.

The rarest and strongest combinations:

  • Straight Flush – a sequence of cards of the same suit;
  • Royal Flush – a combination of 10 to ace of the same suit.

The rules of online poker establish that in the absence of winning combinations from players, the winner of the highest card wins.