How to fix women’s intimate health problems

Probably for many people, first of all men, will be surprised by the fact that women also quite often have problems in sexual life, no matter how strange it may seem. Many ladies at the onset of such problems gloss over them, acquire complexes, go “into themselves”, acting fundamentally wrong. After all, because of this intimate and family (if the woman is married) life only gets worse, there are quarrels, misunderstandings, relationships deteriorate. Therefore, if the lady felt the “problems” of intimate health, measures should be taken as soon as possible. In particular, you can even find specialized medicines here

Why do women have sexual health problems?

Women’s body is an amazing and not fully studied system. And even the slightest negative impact on it can cause a malfunction, with consequences for a woman’s libido and for intimate life in general. Surprisingly, even a sudden change in the weather can affect it. But in this case, of course, the impact will be short-lived. The most common problems are considered:

  • Bad habits (smoking, use of alcohol, drugs, fast food, etc.);
  • Diseases (both of the genitourinary system and the body as a whole);
  • Stresses and depressions, nervous tension;
  • Over strain;
  • Improper regime, lack of sleep;
  • Improper and/or irregular diet;
  • Disorders of the menstrual cycle;
  • Pregnancy.

How to eliminate female intimate problems?

The first thing to do is to identify the cause of the problem and eliminate it as quickly as possible. For example, to treat nerves or start going to bed on time and eat right. It is also worth checking up with the doctor to make sure that the cause of decreased libido is not a female ailment. Then you can try to fix it at home. For example, with the help of phytotherapy. Well, if you want instant effect, then you should try a drug like female Viagra, whose active ingredient – sildenafil. Its effect on women is only positive, eliminating such problems as:

  • Poor blood circulation in the genitals;
  • Poor sensitivity;
  • Dryness of the vagina;
  • Painful sensations during sex;
  • Decreased libido.

As you can see, female intimate health problems are not that hard to overcome. The main thing is not to despair and not to close in on yourself, and as soon as possible to take effective measures. You can buy specialized medicines at This site can be useful for both men and women. Modern medications can significantly improve the sexual life of a couple. It is important to just choose them correctly and use them in accordance with the instructions.

Dosage of female Viagra

The maximum dosage of female Viagra allowed for use is 100 mg per day. Initial use at a minimum dose of 25 mg (a quarter of a tablet) with increasing dosage if this amount is not enough to increase libido is considered optimal. If renal and hepatic dysfunction is severe, the dose should also be reduced. To prevent possible adverse reactions, the maximum dose or frequency of use should not be exceeded.