How to avoid problems with intimacy

As you know, many married couples have problems with what is called intimate life. It would be more accurate to say that some spouses unconsciously turn sex into a notorious marital duty. And then one day a man, noticing that his wife does not cause the same burning desire as before, may find clear signs of waning libido. And then the only means to improve the potency is not enough. Even if it’s a popular drug cialis or other drugs that you can buy on the website

Medical help in this case – something like a silver bullet. But you have to see right through it! In other words, it’s time to excite your woman. In this article we will give you some effective tips.

Variety does not spoil sex

For starters, advice – simple and, it would seem, has absolutely nothing to do with intimacy: hold your beloved’s hand more often and walk with her near water. Why? Because there are about 40 thousand nerve endings in the palm of your hand, which means that their stimulation will tune it up rather quickly in a playful way, and, well, the water will remove the tension that negatively affects sexual arousal. A few words about one of the most frequently mentioned hormones. Release of adrenaline, which accompanies any extreme entertainment, will also benefit the libido. After all, during the same skydiving a person’s pulse rate increases, and breathing becomes intermittent. Doesn’t it remind you of anything? Now you understand why after “skydiving” almost everyone is attracted to have sex?


Remember: talking about bed fantasies, not only contributes to a more trusting relationship between partners, but also acts extremely exciting. You start, and your partner will continue. Confidential conversation can be replaced by a joint drawing up “wish list”. Write down the “stuff” that you have never done, but want to bring to life. In front of each item, make notes like “yes”, “maybe”, “no”.  

Something about sports and texting

Routine exercise, done with the proper zeal, also sets you in the right frame of mind. By the way, sports can safely replace the “collective” cleaning of the house (here for you, by the way, there is a double benefit: not only that you will show care and attention, offering your wife his help, but also will sweat together). Another interesting trick is to send her an indecent text message when she least expects it. As an alternative, whisper the same thing in her ear in some public place. This is the best way to make her feel as if she was in a relationship with you.

As you can see, there is nothing supernatural. So it is likely that by using our tips, you will not have to resort to the help of drugs called generic Viagra. But if you think you could use such drugs, you can buy them at Modern medications can be very helpful even in situations where you do not have problems with erection. You can even try them to diversify your sex life.