Exclusive engagement rings

An engagement ring is an ancient tradition that is popular with many people around the world. It is a beautiful symbol that represents the endless union of two souls, the preciousness of their feelings and devotion. You can choose such rings here luxurydiamonds.ca.

A bit of history

Since ancient times, engagement rings have been considered the main attribute of any engagement. Their role was so important that the loss of these small details before the wedding could be the reason for the dissolution of the marriage. For centuries, people have maintained a belief in the mystical role of rings in relation to the creation of a new family.

Rings are surrounded by a halo of mystery and importance. There are a huge number of superstitions that are associated with this detail of the wedding ceremony. For example, it is not allowed to measure their ring, to take the wedding rings of parents or other relatives, if the marriage was unsuccessful. To believe these legends or not is a personal matter for everyone. But such attention to this topic for so many generations makes us think about its undeniable weight.

To use different rings as an adornment for the first time was decided in Ancient Egypt. Even then rings were an indicator of a person’s status. But the Romans decided to think up their own use for this beautiful jewelry. So appeared the engagement ceremony, which bound two people and was a confirmation of their serious intentions.

Since these very times, the betrothal ceremony has always been the most important moment for the young people. A wedding was a simple celebration, so to speak, the successful conclusion of an engagement. And only with the introduction of Christianity engagement rings became part of the wedding ceremony, according to which this attribute was put on the ring finger of the hand (left for Catholics and right for Orthodox Christians). It is believed that from these fingers runs a straight vein of love that is directed to the heart.

Engagement ring or wedding ring?

Today the concept of an engagement ring is often confused with a wedding ring. In fact, historically they are two very different things. An engagement ring is a symbol of seriousness of intentions and feelings. A wedding ring (also often called a wedding ring) is put on after the wedding. It shows that the girl is already married, and the young man is a family man. The reason for this confusion is quite simple. In 1755 the Holy Synod merged the rites of engagement and wedding. Thus the two essentially different ceremonies were merged into one.