Diamond Rings

A diamond ring is one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. This colorless or slightly yellowish stone has the power to reflect and refract light rays, giving glimpses of all the colors of the rainbow. A diamond ring has a special, almost sacred significance.

Features and advantages of diamonds

A diamond is a diamond that has been given the appropriate shape by cutting. Chemically, the stone is a carbon with few impurities, the presence of which depends on the deposit of the stone. Diamonds are mined on practically every continent. The newly discovered diamonds look faint and unremarkable. They have a light gray hue and a translucent shell. Only a skillful cut gives a stone its unique shine. Not all mined diamonds are suitable for jewelry making. Only 15% of detected minerals become diamonds. Only the best specimens are chosen to make jewelry.

Five rules for wearing this stone

  1. Diamonds can be worn by everyone. However, the design of a diamond ring depends on age. Young girls wear small elegant jewelry, women after 35-40 years can afford large rings.
  2. A diamond ring can be worn on any finger. If it is an engagement or wedding ring, wear it only on the ring finger. 
  3. You can combine metals. If in the past a diamond ring was made only of one color metal, for example, or yellow or rose gold, today designers are mixing shades. Jewelry with a combination of parts in different colors is produced. Women wear rings made of different colors of gold and silver on the same hand or even on the same finger.
  4. Combine stones. Diamonds look exquisite with other gemstones. This technique is even used in wedding and engagement rings.
  5. Wear a diamond ring with sets of jewelry. A diamond engagement or wedding ring pairs well with any evening or daytime jewelry sets, even if they are made of other metals in different styles.

In Greek, the word “diamond” means “indestructible.” In the absence of extreme temperatures and extreme mechanical stresses, a diamond retains its appearance for hundreds or even thousands of years. You can buy diamond jewelry at https://luxurydiamonds.ca/jewelry/.

Who can use a diamond ring?

In terms of etiquette, a diamond is suitable for everyone: women and men, mature and young people. If previously it was worn only by married women after the age of 30, today this rule is outdated. Some pieces with diamonds look harmonious even with ethnic and sporty closet styles. The decisive role in choosing a diamond ring to go with a particular outfit is played by the design of the piece.