Brazilian Swimsuits

Brazilian swimsuits are a great option for women who want a bikini bottom that, in terms of coverage, falls somewhere between a thong and a full-cut bottom.  Most women can easily recognize a Brazilian-style bikini bottom but for those of you who haven’t paid attention, the style is primarily defined by the cut of the backside.  A Brazilian bottom has a V-shaped back, and the amount of coverage it provides will vary by design.  This is especially true these days with slight variations of the classic Brazilian style seemingly coming out all the time.

Some of the most common types of Brazilian swimsuits include variations like the one seen here.  This style is often referred to as a half-Brazilian because of the shortness in the backside.  It starts out the same width as a classic Brazilian bottom, but the fabric narrows to a point about halfway down the rear.  If you normally wear a thong and like the Brazilian cut but don’t want to cover up too much, this is a great option for you.  This one in particular also has the added feature of puckered stitching which elevates the style even more.  The sides and front remain much the same as a classic Brazilian and, just like the classic, this style can be worn with whatever top works best for you.

Another popular variation is much like the one above except the coverage extends all the way down the backside, as with a classic Brazilian bottom, with the addition of a puckered stitch in the center.  The puckered stitch serves two purposes – it adds definition to the backside by following your natural curves, and it also alleviates any extra fabric back there that may bunch or sag.  It is a simple addition that takes an already sexy style and makes it hotter.  Who knew that was even possible?

Regardless of which style you choose, Brazilian swimsuits don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon!