Advertising from bloggers on Instagram

The importance of social media has grown significantly over the past decade. More than 40% of the population actively uses social platforms on a daily basis. The owners of pages with a huge audience are able to create trends, form opinions about a product, and stimulate sales. That is why advertising from bloggers has become one of the main tools of Internet marketing. In this article we will understand how to choose a blogger for advertising, how much it costs and who is best suited for it.

Cooperation with bloggers – the main features

Trust in traditional advertising is gradually decreasing. More and more people are only willing to listen to the recommendations of friends and acquaintances. More than 20% of all computers have ad-blocking apps installed. Almost every fifth user will see neither popup windows nor advertising messages. Not surprisingly, influencer marketing is rapidly gaining momentum amid these trends. You can still buy instagram followers to boost your account status, but if you want to gain audience favor, you need to use bloggers.

An influential person is considered someone who is able to influence the decisions and opinions of others by having great experience, authority or knowledge in a certain field. If we talk about social networks, then such people are undoubtedly bloggers, who have proven themselves and their knowledge in a particular area by regular publications. The attention of the public is attracted to them, so brands can successfully cooperate with such assets of social relations for promotion purposes. Creating demand for products and services with the help of an opinion leader or authority group is one of the most effective ways to promote.

The workability of Influence marketing is confirmed by numerous statistical facts:

  • More than 67% of marketers believe that promoting through opinion influencers is a good way to increase audience reach;
  • Brands that used influencer marketing earned an average of $6.85 for every $1 spent on influencer advertising;
  • 70% of millennials listen to the opinions of friends and acquaintances when shopping;
  • 30% of users trust and buy products recommended by a non-famous blogger.

With this in mind, influencer marketing costs should definitely be included in the advertising budget. But unfortunately, it’s not that simple, and before you decide to promote your brand through bloggers, you should familiarize yourself with all the nuances.

Who is suitable for advertising from bloggers

Influence-marketing is practically the same as word of mouth. While recommendations used to be written on specialized sites, now they are posted on Instagram. Subscribers are happy to listen to the opinion of the blogger, especially if they position themselves as an expert on the topic. Consequently, advertising through influence will suit anyone who manages to find a blogger who has credibility with the brand’s target audience. It works especially well with business areas where the consumer chooses with his or her eyes. For example, cooperation with beauty bloggers is characterized by high efficiency rates. 

Blog advertising is relevant to start-ups as well as established brands. Big brands use influencer marketing to maintain or increase brand awareness and sales. Collaboration with blogs is also in demand to promote a new product. Advertising from bloggers is also suitable for promoting a personal blog. It’s important to choose an influencer whose target audience overlaps with yours. So you can get more american instagram followers and actively engage in the development of your account.